Athletic Mouthwear

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you like to play sports in your free time?
If so, it’s a good idea to protect your mouth from a possible injury. A blow to the mouth can result in a nasty oral injury that can be costly to treat. Smiles By The Sea offers Under Armour performance mouthwear to keep your teeth and gums protected while you’re out on the field.

Under Armour performance mouthwear is recommend for both professional and amateur athletes or anyone who has an active lifestyle. The athletic mouthwear is great for anyone who plays baseball, basketball, rugby, football, gymnastics and just about any sport you can imagine. 

Under Armour performance mouthwear takes advantage of special bite-tech technology that protects your mouth while keeping your TMJ joint relaxed. By alleviating pressure from your jaw joints, you’re reducing the risks of teeth clenching which places stress on your body and decreases your ability to perform. Under Armour performance mouthwear offers protection while improving your performance on the field. 
Unlike most sports guards you will find at the store, our athletic mouthwear offers a better fit, comfort, and protection. This is because they are custom-made using your teeth’s exact measurements. To create your athletic mouthwear, the dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send this data to a dental lab to create your athletic mouthwear. After a week or two, your mouthwear will be ready for you to pick up at our office. The dentist will check that it is a good fit and offer tips to ensure that it last a long time. 
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