Cosmetic Dentistry

Custom Whitening Trays
Our office will fabricate custom whitening trays and supply you with enough whitening gel to get your teeth back to their natural whitest. Our product works fast and has a low incidence of sensitivity.
Forever White
This program is unique to our office and applies to all patients who have received a whitening service with custom trays. With each recare appointment we will provide a complimentary refill of whitening gel for as long as you stay current in our schedule.

Porcelain Veneers
These thin porcelain coverings are one of the most effective ways to give your smile an upgrade. Porcelain veneers are attached over your teeth’s front surface to cover discoloration, hide gaps, and fix unattractive teeth.

 Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry   Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry in Belmar   Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry

Snap on Smile

Snap-On Smile is a multi-purpose restorative appliance that literally snaps in and out of a patient’s mouth over natural teeth. It allows doctors to deliver beautiful results to their patients in just two 20-minute visits.
Full Mouth Restoration
Full mouth restoration combines cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to boost your smile’s health and appearance. Whether your smile is plagued by discoloration, cavities, or gum disease, our personalized dental solutions ensure your teeth and gums are looking and feeling their best. Just a few of the full mouth restoration procedures we offer include crowns, fillings, cleanings, bridges, tooth bleaching, veneers, implants, and Six Months Smiles.

Full Mouth Restoration - Cosmetic Dentistry   Full Restoration - Cosmetic Dentistry